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    [Stories from the first grouping of stories in Lilít are translated in Moments of Reprieve. Stories from the second and third groupings are translated in A Tranquil Star.]

    “Lilít e altri racconti”, Einaudi, Nuovi Coralli, 1981

    "These stories, written between 1975 and 1981, have different topics and tones. I have tried to group them together and, sometimes forcing my point, I have picked out stories for a first grouping, which take up the themes of Se questo è un uomo and La Tregua. The second grouping follows Storie naturali and Vizio di forma. And there is third grouping, where the characters are flesh and blood to a certain extent. I hope that each story does its job decorously, which is only that of condensing within a few pages and transmitting to the readers a point of memory, a mood, or even only a discovery. There are happy stories and sad stories because our days are happy and sad. There are not, as far as I know, any messages or fundamental prophecies. If the readers find them, good for them.
    Primo Levi"
    [back jacket Einaudi "Nuovi Coralli" series, 1981]

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