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    This section – now at a start-up phase – is divided into two parts.

    The first – named the "Archives of the Primo Levi International Center" – includes a description of the documentation on Primo Levi that is being acquired by the center. This is the first nucleus, still entirely embryonic, of our future archival patrimony.
    The second – named "Various archives" – includes descriptions of fonds that include documents related to Primo Levi (correspondence, article collections, books, original typescripts, interviews, photographs, etc.) held at archives of other institutions.

    In order to aid research, all the descriptions follow a standard order, compatible with the features and the quantity of the documentation. First, the description gives some essential information about the archives. Immediately after, an analytical framework is plotted for the materials that refer to Primo Levi according to the following order: 1. biographical news; 2.documentation related to the relationship between Primo Levi and the creator of the records; and 3. documents related to the critical fortunes of Primo Levi.


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