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La trasparenza della parola (The Transparence of Words)

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    La trasparenza della parola, a cantata for Primo Levi at nine stations. Texts by Emilio Jona, freely adapted from Primo Levi. Music, video and electronic effects by Andrea Liberovici.

    The work was put on in its world premiere at the Piccolo Regio Giacomo Puccini in Turin on September 16, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Primo Levi’s birth. It is a homage to the writer articulated into nine canvasses.
    Emilio Jona built nine poetic components out of nine key words drawn from the writings of Levi and projected onto a screen at the front of the stage. These are accompanied by the back-projection of a shadow play done by Andrea Liberovici in collaboration with the shadow-theater group Controluce Teatro d'Ombre di Torino.
    The project was executed by Andrea Liberovici based on an idea of his father, the composer Sergio Liberovici and of Emilio Jona. It puts a new method of composition on stage that includes music and images. The music is performed by Canada’s Nouvel Ensemble Moderne directed by Lorraine Vaillancourt with the audio participation of the children’s choir Coro di voci bianche del Carlo Felice, directed by Gino Tanasini.


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