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New voices on Primo Levi

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    "New Voices on Primo Levi", International Symposium organized by the New York Primo Levi Center, October 25—27, 2009.

    In the year marking the 90th anniversary of Primo Levi, the annual symposium dedicated to him opens October 25 with a concert for piano and soprano entitled If This Is a Man, by Tzvi Avni. October 26 will feature a talk by Ernesto Ferrero (“Primo Levi: Anthropologist of Normality”) and a discussion on the topic “Levi, Agamben, and the Era of Witness,” with contributions by Marianne Hirsch, Debarati Sanyal, Thomas Trezise, and Manuela Consonni. October 27 is dedicated to the topic, “Primo Levi in Translation,” with discussions on the German, Arabic, and Farsi translations of Levi’s works: “Quest and Judgment: Reading Primo Levi in German,” discussants Franco Baldasso, Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg, Ernestine Bradley and Ernesto Ferrero; “In Arabic and Farsi: The Universality of Suffering,” discussants Boualem Sansal, Abraham Radkin, Salem Joubran, Clifford Chanin, Talal Asad and Ammiel Alcalay.


    The Centro internazionale di studi Primo Levi: Dario Disegni at the International Symposium - New Voices on Primo Levi, Primo Levi Center, New York, October 26-27, 2009

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