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Primo Levi on the Day of Memory, 2010

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    Events connected with Primo Levi on the occasion of the Day of Memory.

    A noi fu dato in sorte questo tempo, 1938-1947
    [We were given this time by chance, 1938-1947]
    27 January – 20 March
    Venue: Archivio di Stato di Torino, Sezioni Riunite, Via Piave 21, Turin
    An interactive multimedia exhibit that tells the story of a group of young friends from Turin including Primo Levi, most of whom were Jewish, as they went through the aftermath of the promulgation of the Italian racial laws. The exhibit runs until March 20 in Turin, then moves on to Fossoli (Modena) and later to the Forte di Bard (Aosta). It has been produced by Insmli (the National Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy) in collaboration with the Museo Diffuso and the support of the Regions of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Emilia Romagna as well as of Turin Province, the Fondazione CRT and the CGIL labor union, Lombardy.

    Il grande viaggio / The Great Journey
    27 January 9:00 AM
    Venue: Centro Incontri della Regione Piemonte, Corso Stati Uniti 21, Turin
    Conference organized by the Giorgio Agosti-Piedmont Institute for the History of the Resistance and of Contemporary Society with the contribution of the Piedmont Regional Council and the Piedmont Regional Committee. Borrowing its title from that of a novel by Spanish writer Jorge Semprún, the conference aims to offer us reflections on the concept of “journey” in the history and the memories of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The conference opens at 9:30 with a talk by Domenico Scarpa (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) entitled “Alla maniera classica”. Primo Levi in viaggio / “The Classic Way”: Primo Levi on his Journey.

    La trasparenza della parola / The Clarity of Words
    27 January 8:00 PM
    Venue: Casa del Teatro Ragazzi [Children’s theater house], Corso Galileo Ferraris 226, Turin
    Stage play by Emilio Jona adapted from Primo Levi; video and electronic work by Andrea Liberovici.
    La trasparenza della parola (The Transparence of Words)

    La strada di Levi e Da una tregua all’altra
    [Down Levi’s Roads and From One Truce to Another]
    27 January 6:00 PM
    Venue: Teatro Franco Parenti, Via Pier Lombardo 14, Milan
    Marco Belpoliti, Davide Ferrario and Andrea Cortellessa present the book + DVD La strada di Levi, to be published 21 January. The box-set contains the DVD La strada di Levi, the documentary film by Belpoliti and Ferrario that traces the route of Primo Levi on his return from Auschwitz, as well as Da una tregua all'altra, a book edited by Marco Belpoliti and Andrea Cortellessa, containing reports by Levi and his friend Mario Rigoni Stern. The encounter features talks by Anna Bravo and Stefano Jesurum and readings by Anna Maria Guarnieri and Luciano Virgilio.

    Collective reading of Se questo è un uomo
    29 January 5: 00 PM – 11:00 PM
    Venue: ex-Siva factory, Via Leinì 84, Settimo Torinese (Turin)
    Collective reading of the book Se questo è un uomo [If This is a Man (UK) or Survival in Auschwitz (USA)]by Primo Levi at the ex-Siva factory, accompanied by a sound carpet and directed by Gianni Bissaca. The meeting will be participated in audio/video connection by the young people taking part in the journey of the Train of Memory, who will be reading some excerpt of the book.
    An Itaca Teatro and Faber Teater production, project by Gianni Bissaca.

    We invite anyone to contact us who has news of events connected with Primo Levi on the occasion of the Day of Memory.

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