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Lello Perugia died

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    He inspired Primo Levi for the characters of Piero Sonnino in If This is a Man and Cesare in The Truce and Moments of Reprieve.

    Lello Perugia died on November 24, 2010. He was born in Rome in October 31, 1919. Perugia was partisan commander, prized with the gold medal of the Italian Resistance. Arrested by Gestapo in Abruzzo, in April 1944 while fighting within the Liberty brigade, he was pent-up in the roman prisons of via Tasso and Regina Coeli, then deported to Fossoli and Auschwitz (in a first moment to Birkenau, then to Buna Monowitz). After his homecoming, he became officer for ANPI (the national partisans association) and ANED (the Italian association of the victims of deportation).

    See in Auschwitz section, in Italian, an interview to Lello Perugia by Nicola Caracciolo for a television program aired on Rete Due in 1982. The text is published in the volume Gli ebrei e l’italia durante la guerra, 1940-1945, Bonacci, Roma 1986, pp. 179-81.

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