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    The International Primo Levi Studies Center (Centro Internazionale di Studi Primo Levi) is dedicated to acquainting people with Primo Levi. A witness of Auschwitz, he is one of the most outstanding writers read in contemporary Italy. He was a chemist and an intellectual who was always ready to lend an ear to the questions of the younger generations. Hence the center addresses itself to people in the fields of liberal arts and sciences and as well as those members of the general public, young and old, who would like to appreciate his thought and his personality.

    The center is based in Turin, the city where Primo Levi lived from 1919 to 1987. It aims to collect the editions of his works, their numerous translations published all around the world, their critical bibliography and all kinds of written and audiovisual documentation on his figure and on his reception. It also aims to support scholarly research and to mount its own initiatives, such as the annual Primo Levi Lecture every fall, in order to encourage discussion on topics that were most dear to Levi.

    The center is an association founded in April 2008. Its founding members are the Piedmont Region (Regione Piemonte), the City and the Province of Turin (Città e Provincia di Torino); the Compagnia di San Paolo; the Turin Jewish community (Comunità ebraica di Torino); the Foundation for Books, Culture, and Music (Fondazione per il Libro, la Cultura e la Musica); and the family of Primo Levi.


    The Centro internazionale di studi Primo Levi: Dario Disegni at the International Symposium - New Voices on Primo Levi, Primo Levi Center, New York, October 26-27, 2009


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