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The Primo Levi Lecture

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    Every year the International Primo Levi Studies Center organizes a Primo Levi Lecture that is closely tied in with Levi’s experiences and interests and, at the same time, able to encompass broader perspectives. The lecture is intended to exploit the wealth of Levi’s works as they come into dialogue with the most recent topics in the cultural debate.
    The lecture is addressed to the general public, but pays particular attention to young people. In this it aims continue the intense dialogue that Levi engaged in in the schools for such a long time of his life. At each of the lectures there will be one group of students who will meet the lecturer the following day and they together will have the chance to discuss the topics that were touched upon.
    The lecture will be published and printed in Italian and English by Einaudi publishers. Each year the site will make materials available that can be used to work on the topics covered more deeply.


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