Novelist, poet, essayist, chemist enthusiastic about astronomy and the mountains – these are many of the experiences and fields of knowledge that cannot be encapsulated in the single definition of “witness of the Shoah.” Here are the video or television productions curated, promoted or recommended by the Center that investigate the many faces of Primo Levi.

The Hands of Primo Levi

The chemist’s hands that mixed elements,  alpinist’s hands that grasped rocks, the sculptor’s hands that transformed materials, the hands of the writer that set down experiences of life and painful memories – these are all different hands, but they are able to coexist in a character like Primo Levi, who incarnated all of them.

The Skis of Primo Levi

The documentary film, curated by  Bruna Bertani  and directed by Paola Toscano, progresses along  various topic lines while telling the story of the writer through the direct testimony of those who knew him. Thirty years after Levi’s death, a production by Rai Cultura in collaboration with the International Primo Levi Studies Center.

"Primo ufficio dell'uomo". I mestieri di Primo Levi

Il Centro Studi, con il sostegno della Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Torino e della Fondazione CRT, ha realizzato il documentario "Primo ufficio dell'uomo". I mestieri di Primo Levi, nell'intento di ripensare, attraverso l'esperienza e le opere di Primo Levi, un tema cruciale del nostro presente.