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"I am a normal man with a good memory who fell into a maelstrom and got out of it more by luck than by virtue, and who from that time on has preserved a certain curiosity about maelstroms large and small, metaphorical and actual."
Primo Levi, 1986

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Primo Levi was engaged in his writing for forty years, from 1947 until his death in 1987, where he blended the originality of his topics with the unmistakable quality of his writing.

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Jewish culture in Levi was filtered through the Italian tradition and his concrete experience as a secular and scientifically trained Piedmontese intellectual. A constant area of reflection, Jewish culture was an essential matrix for all his work.

Primo Levi and the Jewish world


Primo Levi told the story of the extermination by the Nazis in an undeniable original way. At the same time. this was an essential testing ground for his talents as writer, thinker, and human being.

Primo Levi, deportation and concentration camp


Reflections on work and on crafts run through all of Primo Levi’s works, ranging from an analysis of the conditions of slavery imposed in the concentration camp to his deep conviction that loving one’s work… is the most concrete approximation to happiness on earth.

Levi, work and the human being


Primo Levi’s view of the world was always filtered through science- This left a deep imprint on his works and explains why the world of science has been deeply interested ion him.

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The Center addresses its activities to all readers of Primo Levi in every part of the world. It promotes research on Primo Levi and on the editions of his works in Italian as well as the many translations published in dozens of languages worldwide, his critical bibliography, and any kind of written or audiovisual documentation about his figure and about the reception of his works.

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This is a new annual appointment for reflection and discovery, each of whose dialogues is a confrontation between two points of view, aiming from time to time to reconsider the works of Levi in depth through putting them into relationship with needs and issues that have come up in various realms of the social and cultural life of the world today.

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