L'ultimo Natale di guerra

L'ultimo Natale di guerra, a cura di Marco Belpoliti, Einaudi, Supercoralli, 2000
Primo Levi
edited by
Marco Belpoliti
Year of publication

"The stories written by Primo Levi in the last decade of his life form an unfinished book interrupted by his death. Marco Belpoliti goes over the reasons why this should be a book and offers readers a work that confirms the greatness of Levi’s art of story telling. There are autobiographical writings that summon up Levi’s childhood as well as the Lager (a topic that he had never abandoned), stories with a dreamlike-Kafkaesque atmosphere, fantastic stories, and stories of animals constructed as moral beast fables. The stories seem to make us travel in two ways, crossing both through the disquieting dark sides of the human spirit and though the combinatory mechanisms of nature that are observed with distanced and often amused irony".

Back jacket Einaudi edition, 2000.