Sixth Lecture

The sixth Primo Levi lecture was given by Ann Goldstein - translator and editor at "The New Yorker" - and Domenico Scarpa - Centro Internazionale di Studi Primo Levi consultant, italianist and translator – on October 30, 2014, at the Centro Incontri della Regione Piemonte in Turin to a large audience including some classes of the international secondary school “Convitto Nazionale Umberto I” in Turin.

In un’altra lingua / In another language has been published by Einaudi in spring 2015.

In Another Language – or better, this: how can we translate into another language the Primo Levi who described the experience of Auschwitz? From that time on and for his whole life as a writer, Levi transplanted new ways of speaking and writing into Italian literature and conquered new expressive territories: the dialect of Piedmontese Jews, the jargon of a technician specialized in complex assembly procedures, the Yiddish of a band of partisans on the eastern steppes, and the alien codes of machines that are as futuristic as they are threatening. Unique among Italian writers, Primo Levi is today about to be published in English translation – completely, even his latest revealed miscellaneous writings. Ann Goldstein and Domenico Scarpa, a translator and a scholar, who collaborated on this enterprise, will discuss Levi and his translation, both in the sense of translation as a craft and translation as a much broader cultural activity.

In another language

Ann Goldstein and Domenico Scarpa, a translator and a scholar who contributed to the enterprise, have a dialogue on Levi and translation: in the most concrete meaning of the word and in its broader sense.

Presentazione di "In un'altra lingua"

In occasione del Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, il 15 maggio 2015 è stato presentato In un'altra lingua, il volume di Ann Goldstein e Domenico Scarpa tratto dalla sesta Lezione Primo Levi e pubblicato da Einaudi in edizione bilingue italiano/inglese.