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The bibliography of the documentary resources by and about Primo Levi offered on this site consists of about 7000 records and includes descriptions of the following:
- works of Primo Levi in Italian;
- works of Primo Levi translated into other languages;
- works of Primo Levi published in monographs and journals (short stories, critical essays, poems, prefaces, comment, reviews, and articles in the general press);
- interviews and statements of Primo Levi;
- literary criticism on the works and life of Primo Levi.

The bibliographical repertory, constantly updated, can be consulted on the on line catalog. The new items can be also found on the New-acquisitions page. Most of the bibliography is made up of the documentary heritage of the International Primo Levi Studies Center – a total of about 5700 records. These documents are deposited and are available for consultation at the library of the Polo del '900 in Palazzo San Celso, located at Via del Carmine 13 in Turin, also the home of the Center. The collection contains various Italian and foreign editions of the works of Primo Levi as well as numerous critical texts (entire books, acts of conferences and articles in journals), mostly in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish. The record for each documentary item includes notice of whether it is physically present at the Center.
Users can request copies of documents owned by the Center for their personal scholarly use by filling out a form, within the limits of the copyright laws in force. Materials will be copied and sent in ordinary mail by the Istoreto [the Piedmont Institute] according to the rules of the library. The costs of this service are to be paid by the users.

In May 2010 the International Primo Levi Studies Center became a member of CoBiS cobis.gifthe Coordinamento delle Biblioteche Speciali e Specialistiche torinesi [the Coordination of Special and Specialist Libraries in Turin].