Primo Levi, science writer

Primo Levi’s relationship to science is central to his works. This can be seen clearly from the time of the first episodes of his life story as well as in most of his works. This is the reason why the scientific world has greeted his works with widespread esteem. His dry, synthetic, and exact style manages to speak out to an extremely varied public and, especially, to all those who, like him, have turned their passion into their craft or profession.

The International Primo Levi Studies Center is striving to bring together and develop such interest thorough involving scholars and researchers from different countries and different disciplines, both scientific and humanistic. Doing this, it aims to offer for consideration various points of view about the many-shaped works of Primo Levi that would serve to bring out their wealth, depth, and the original patterns of their themes.
This is the way that a section of this site has originated, inaugurated by a valuable contribution by Nick Lane, Professor at the University of London. It is our hope to succeed in promoting original and profitable exchanges of opinion, involving other scientists who would offer their own contributions upon our invitation or at their own initiative. Obviously, we would also appreciate hosting opinions that are critical of each other or conflicting.

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Short biography of Nick Lane

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