Primo Levi Archives

The Archives of the International Primo Levi Studies Center are composed of several fonds described here. This is the first nucleus of the Center’s future archival patrimony.

To facilitate research, all the descriptions follow a standard order compatible with the characteristics and quantities of the documentation. First, the descriptions contain some essential information about the fonds. Second, the descriptions offer an analytical framework of the materials that refer to Primo Levi according to the following outline: 1. biographical data; 2. documents about the relationships between Primo Levi and the creator of the fonds 3. documents about the critical fortunes of Primo Levi

Fondi SIVA

Fondo Siva, Libri di laboratorio: due registri (1954-1978 e 1955-1971) compilati in parte da Primo Levi, depositati presso il Centro internazionale di studi Primo Levi.

Pennacini Archives

The documents of the Archives were donated by Adriano Pennacini and Liliana Treves to the Primo Levi International Studies Center with two transfers: the first, in February 2011, the second in October 2012.

Poli Archives

This archive was donated to the International Primo Levi Studies Center in December 2008. It contains the documentation that Gabriella Poli, journalist for «La Stampa», collected from 1955 to 2008.